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Industry ECM Solutions

Requordit works with many organizations in different industries that require specific ECM solutions, including construction, courts, education, financial services, law enforcement, manufacturing and government

construction document management

Construction is an industry that’s made up of various processes, from contract management to document management. No matter how skilled your team is, getting these tasks done on time can be a difficult task. ECM solutions make these processes more manageable to handle. They allow you to control risk management easily, preserve all documents safely in one place, hire employees digitally through electronic means and manage drawing logs, transmittals, and submittals securely with automation that’s personalized.

government record management

ECM has just what government affiliates and agencies need for successful governing. It provides modernity to applications that are content-driven. Additionally, it makes the creation of agendas easier so that meetings are conducted in an orderly manner, while promoting efficiency by providing automated plan routing on approvals and reviews. This allows you to plan for any future events in government records, thus enabling you to relax. It also allows individual users to save on time when searching for content by providing advanced search filters.

energy management software
Energy & Utilities

ECM solutions are being widely used in this industry to meet needs such as risk reduction and efficiency increase. The OnBase software offers quality services such as streamlining access of documents by employees, providing energy workflow automation for safer storage of all materials and promoting collaboration among team members by enabling information to be shared quickly across departments.

manufacturing document management
Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing has never been more comfortable with the OnBase software. It promotes efficiency and allows tasks to be performed smoothly within various manufacturing companies. It speeds up the contract management process by eliminating the use of paperwork; hence you save on money and time. Additionally, it provides secure storage space for all documents and promotes good customer-employee interaction.

We serve many other industries including education, financial services and courts. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Simplifies collaboration

Working in a large organization can be tiresome, especially if teamwork is a manual process. Messages are sent slowly and work takes a long time to complete. With ECM, partnerships are easier. You and your team members can use electronic documents to communicate faster. This goes a long way in boosting the performance of the organization.

Easier retrieval of documents

Getting documents can be a laborious task if you do it manually. ECM helps to simplify the process by enabling you to get all of them within a short time. Plus, it’s more secure and reliable.

Reduces waste of resources

One of the most significant disadvantages of handling and processing manual documents is they consume precious resources such as printing paper. It gets worse if they require rectification. ECM finishes this problem by securing automated systems and availing them for use if they’re needed. Organizations get to save paper and ink.

Promotes customer satisfaction

Making use of ECM improves the delivery of services, which attracts more customers since they’re satisfied with your offerings. It allows you to serve many customers at once by providing just what you need.

Quick content access

Work gets completed faster if the desired content is within your reach. ECM makes this possible by providing digital documents that you can access whether you’re in the office or not, from your phone, desktop or laptop.

Convenient storage

Some organizations still have large cabinets in which they store documents. This makes retrieval of the information difficult and time-consuming. Smart organizations make use of ECM that saves all the records in one convenient place. The best part is you can control who gets to access the information. Delicate details can be shared with just a selected number of individuals.

Enables you to control your documents

ECM makes managing and working on documents a more straightforward and enjoyable task. It allows you to have full control of all your documents. And when a report requires revision, your team can make the necessary corrections while providing feedback on other records. An additional plus is time-stamped version control, if you need to refer to an earlier document.

We tailor solutions to meet the needs of organizations’ line of business departments

AR software
Accounts Payable

Accounting departments use ECM software to speed up the entire process of invoice routing. Unlike the manual method, ECM technologies promote responsible organization and delivery of documents. Additionally, despite the mode of invoice delivery, ECM software allows your clients to receive their invoices on time and with supported content for easier approval and review. An added advantage is they provide you with updates in real time, so you’re always informed whether your invoices have been delivered.

best ocr software
Accounts Receivable

ECM software enables accounts receivable departments to receive payments from customers on time. They provide an orderly arrangement of customers’ payment dues, so you know which of them owes the most. Additionally, it provides you with all the information you need for better interaction with your customers. The best part is updates are automated, so you receive all details quickly. ECM tools enable you to manage documents properly, therefore enhancing easier payment of dues by customers.

ECM in AP and AR departments
Human Resources

Once integrated with a human capital management system, ECM software can be used by HR personnel to access employee details in their mode of convenience easily. They also make recruitment of new employees easier by allowing HR personnel to identify promising candidates easily. Plus, they offer a reliable case management method by providing incident reporting and grievance tracking tasks. An added benefit is they offer secure storage for all employee files, thus making it easy to keep track of all of them.

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