What do we offer?

A technological solution that provides complete control from the beginning to the end of the insurance claims process to increase efficiency and provide quality customer service.

Digital confirmation of the losses associated with insurance policies, easily accessible for later consultation.

Integration with a mobile app that serves the insured and the adjuster, allowing you to interact immediately with a single click from your mobile phone.

Integration with the core system of the insurer, which allows total control of the project through customizable workflow activities.

Precise geolocation that allows you to shorten the arrival time to the event.

Pass generation for the repair of the property, access to the hospital, if necessary, and integration in the digital file with all the information produced in real time.

Benefits for the insurer:

Optimization of resources through process automation, search of information in real time and elimination of paper use.

Comply with the laws and regulations of the insurance sector.

Improve service and customer service.

Smart reports that facilitate the decision making and measurement of key performance indicators.

Benefits for the insured:

Transparency: Clear and simple communication at any time.

Proactivity: Fast service, in real time without paperwork and delays.

Legal Assistance: Keep every promise to the client.

How does it work?

Auto insurance example

1.- The insured requests the service through the app. The system identifies whether the policy is valid or not and what is applicable in each case. If the policy is valid, the help desk booth creates the incident and its electronic file.

2.- The location of the loss and the closest adjuster is identified through the geolocation of the mobile device.

3.- The adjuster connects via the app and downloads the electronic formats for the capture of the information and takes the necessary photos so that later it loads all the information to the electronic file and the process starts in its core system.

4.- The adjuster can generate the passes for the workshop, doctor, crane, etc., electronically and it will be sent by mail directly, with a copy to the insured (either by email, text message or WhatsApp).

5.- The system will control the whole process through workflow activities.

6.- From the client app you can monitor each stage of the process.



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