3 AI tools every midsized to enterprise company should use

3 AI tools every midsized to enterprise company should use

AI tools are no longer cutting edge technology. They’re mainstream programs and systems that span the reach of society from the home to our mobile devices. Leading organizations, too, are jumping on the bandwagon and utilizing AI tools to give a healthy jolt of efficiency to their operations. However, some organizations are lagging behind, and in time, they’ll pay the ultimate opportunity cost of lost efficiency and higher overhead.

Worried about falling behind the fray? Here are the foundational AI tools every organization should have in their toolkit.

Intelligent capture

Gone are the days when organizations employ dozens of people to poke away at the keyboard in order to digitize files. There’s a better way. All you have to do is scan historical documents and the fields are automatically read by the system and indexed as data. This data has a value that you can use to audit files, track expenses or forecast trends in overhead and operations.

Automated workflows

What works faster than the human brain? A program developed to complete a simple task. Organizations are becoming increasingly less reliant on humans to route documents throughout companies. This technology is perfect for long approval queues. Need a few people to see a document in a chain? Allow the viewing and editing to happen within one system and the person to approve it instantaneously. Then the system will route it to the next person and you’ll no longer have stacks of papers and forms piling up in an outbox or email thread.

Algorithmic business intelligence

Data is king these days. It’s time you utilize the data generated within your organization. From task completion times, inventory utilization to travel expenses there are tons of metrics you can be measuring, monitoring and analyzing to bring cost efficiency to your organization. And if you don’t have time to track the information, programs exist to do this for you. They track the data, organize and predict trends, allowing you to make smart decisions on how to manage your organization.

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