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Modernizing federal information technology is a far-reaching and possibly overwhelming task. There is limited budget for modernization, according to GAO data, but the upkeep of existing systems is essential. At the same time, a hiring freeze and accelerated retirement compound the potential for slower program and service delivery with a smaller workforce for program delivery. Normally, technology is the logical answer for a mismatch between the...

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By: Glenn Gibson, director of product and solution marketing at Hyland This year at #AIIM17, I had an excellent experience hosting a roundtable on the topic of digital transformation. In my first post covering this discussion, I shared the group’s answer to the question: Is digital transformation is a fantasy or a reality? In this post, I’m sharing the advice the group provided when we asked “What are...

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It’s not every day you hear of an ERP implementation with over a 90 percent end user adoption rate. So, what if I told you achieving a 98 percent adoption rate was possible? Here are the steps you can use to make any technology implementation a success: Get executive buy-in Ensuring your executives are on board with your project is critical to the success of your implementation. Make sure...

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By Amanda Ulery, Hyland, product marketing team Case management. If you think the concept only applies to the courtroom or social services agencies, you might want to take a second look. While case management has its roots in these and other specialized fields, the IT world has embraced and extended the concept, applying its principles and capabilities to cover a much broader scope. As technology has evolved...

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“Case management?” you may ask. “Isn’t that a niche term for specific industries?” A common misconception exists that case management only has a play in certain industries like social services, where it undeniably has long-time roots. However, over the past few years, case management software capabilities have provided value for a range of solutions across every industry and many types of work. Let’s take a look at...

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Exploring the dangerous game analysts have played for years Recently, industry analysts have been discussing the definition of ECM. The conversations center around the current state of enterprise content management. Is it alive, dead, being redefined, misunderstood or something else? This lack of clarity from the people we are paying as experts has serious effects on many organizations and people’s lives. Gartner, in particular, discontinued its...

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