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By: Tiffany Dziak, a member of Hyland's corporate strategy and planning team When I started at Hyland, I quickly learned that the organization really encourages employees to have a work-life balance and it does what it can to help with this, which I love. I’m involved in a variety of things outside Hyland that ultimately contribute to my overall happiness. This includes being a part-time wedding planner...

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AP solution for managing paper problems

Oh, paper. We’re 16 percent finished with the 21st Century, and there you are, still slowing things down. Really? I’m sure you’re familiar with the disadvantages of paper. For example, it makes you or your staff spend excessive time indexing documents and data into important electronic systems like your ERP. It also keeps people busy: Searching Sorting Filing Collating Entering data Fixing data Searching again It’s frustrating....

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It’s time to look forward to what technologies will be shaping the research and development for business and consumer software alike. Here are the top technologies your organization should be looking at in 2017: 1. Cloud software and services As web apps become more and more robust, more and more companies are moving to subscription based software as a service (SaaS) models – also known as cloud...

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Requordit trade show

The Construction Financial Management Association conference is coming up soon on June 3-7 in Phoenix! We're excited to join other construction finance professionals in a week full of knowledge and resource sharing. To do our part, we'll be positioned at booth #215 at the exhibitor showcase conducting live audits of procure-to-pay processes to discover simpler ways to help busy project managers and accountants automate their...

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Requordit partnership

I’ve been spoiled since I came to Hyland four years ago. Each year, one of my most powerful learning opportunities has been listening to customers – and that is exactly what happens every year when Hyland’s Higher Ed VOGUE (vertical OnBase group of user experts) board comes to town for its annual planning session and update. This year, our VOGUE board includes leaders from Syracuse University,...

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Requordit records manager

By: Terri Jones, Hyland's government marketing portfolio manager When I was working in state government and was preparing to implement my enterprise content management (ECM) solution, I was required to visit the State Archives to have my project approved. It turns out that the state had standards and I needed to follow them to be sure that my digital system would adequately safeguard records. I was pleasantly...

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