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robotic process automation

As technology advances, oftentimes so do the terms that may or may not apply to your business. One of the newest buzz phrases under the digital transformation umbrella is robotic process automation. What is robotic process automation? Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging form of software that mimics human activity. The purpose is to free humans from repetitive, uninteresting work to alleviate their minds for more challenging, knowledge...

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The effects of cloud computing are now evident in the business world. It has brought about solutions such as hosted IT servers, e-mail solutions, hosted ERP systems, and most recently hosted contract management software. Cloud-computing has revolutionized the business processes by causing the stakeholders to take their focus off their business’ computing power and concentrating on their core competencies. What is cloud-based contract management? Instead of investing...

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digital transformation

Many are jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon—and for a good reason. Adopting digital tools is the only way to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. 1. Not considering the scope of your digital transformation Are you thinking in short-term project terms or a long-term roadmap? The different can lay between months and years. The truth is that digital transformation may mean something to you, a department...

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More often, the human resource department is responsible for a plethora of labor and time-consuming tasks. These mundane tasks take the focus off strategic HR tasks that could further benefit the company. Technology has enabled the automation of such functions to streamline processes and improve on the company’s efficiency. We discuss the top five HR processes that any small or large business should consider automating: Recruitment and...

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