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Blockchain technology's in financial services

Blockchain technology is a true disruptor. Not many technologies these days can claim the same. And while it's revolutionized digital currency, there's a lag of implementation in already established industries. Why? First, it can be a difficult concept to grasp. But here is the gist: Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. Exact copies are stored on a network of computers. Every member of the network...

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Large-Scale Software Implementation

Implementing a large scale software solution is a necessary investment as it reduces overhead expenses in the long run. However, the true value of the program could reach great heights if it's properly maintained. One maintenance route involves working with a third-party agency. Requordit serves that role for many of our customers so we understand the value it can bring. However, if an organization can recruit the...

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Augmented reality may sound like a novelty concept only useful for video games and smart glasses. However, there are some extremely useful applications for this new technology, especially in the construction industry. "Augmented reality in construction and architecture projects involves placing a 3D model of a proposed design onto an existing space using mobile devices and 3D models," says Jeff Yoders in Redshift. Digital renderings such as these...

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Characteristics IT director

The IT director is the foundational role for any enterprise organization. No matter the size of the company, he or she will inevitably wear many hats and complete many tasks from the proactive to the reactive. To help IT directors ensure their tenures are long and substantial, here are three characteristics every IT director should possess: Innovator Oftentimes it's the department head leading the charge to adopt new technology....

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financial services

The demand for financial visibility is on the rise. However, many financial shared services centers still rely on manual, paper-based accounts payable processes, which clouds their view into financial information and cash flow. To increase visibility, financial shared service organizations deploy enterprise information platforms to automate processes, centralize access to documents and provide a more complete view of critical payables information. Download the infographic to learn...

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You've invested in a core HRIS or HCM system to manage key data and operations - everything from your employees' personal information to applicant tracking and payroll data. But you have critical related content - from applicant correspondence and resumes to tax forms and employee contracts - that these systems can't effectively manage. This leaves your HR staff without easy access to all the information required...

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