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By: John Mancini, chief evangelist of AIIM What is happening in the enterprise IT space? And how is it impacting content management? Consider the following emerging broad trends — trends that will mold and shape the world of content management in both the short and long-term and create a need for a broader and more encompassing industry description than enterprise content management or “ECM.” 1. Emerging trend: Explosive growth...

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COLLABORATE 17, the Technology and Applications Forum for Oracle users is next week, April 2-6 in Las Vegas! We're excited to join other IT professionals in a week full of knowledge and resource sharing. To do our part, we'll be positioned at booth #934 at the exhibitor showcase conducting live audits of procure-to-pay processes to discover simpler ways to help busy project managers and accountants...

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Legacy systems are widely considered a barrier to organizational efficacy. Yet businesses large and small continue to use them. The reason is simple: Rolling out a new platform is risky due to high cost, change management and the time investment. However, as processes improve through technology and legacy systems become more obsolete, the negative implications of sticking with a business-as-usual platform compounds while stunting business...

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By: Ray Gerwig, Hyland's senior product evangelist In the world of document capture and our march toward digital transformation, optical character recognition (OCR) maintains a role of ever-increasing importance. Because documents contain much of the content that runs our business processes, it’s important to identify, qualify and control that content as quickly as possible. OCR and document capture In order to speed up and improve content and data...

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By: Terri Jones, Hyland government marketing portfolio manager For generations, our school districts have relied on paper in most facets of their operations, from those homework assignments that your dog ate to the student records that prove somehow you got through school and graduated. Today, K-12 students and parents hold more technology in their hands than I saw in my entire college career. In this environment,...

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By: Laura Stiller, marketing portfolio manager at Hyland Over the course of the last four years, I have learned so much from higher education institutions. A common factor has been an emphasis on students – particularly their data and content. Much of the emphasis is rightly justified around the digitization of student records, since student success is central to institutional strategic plans. It’s even the focus...

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