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Are you looking to automate your AP or AR Processes?

Our Ancora OCR solutions for Oracle ERP is a standalone software perfect for AP invoices, AR checks or any form of processing solution that your company needs. It can be just a front end capture software or you can integrate it with any ECM, ERP system or AP workflow.

  • Save hours of data capture
  • Fast search of documents with keywords
  • Update documents
  • Save archiving space
  • Scan Invoices, checks, documents, forms, licenses, receipts, medical records, etc.

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ECM, content services, intelligent information capture… Ever wonder what these buzzwords mean?

As you begin your digital transformation journey, you’ll be bombarded by new terms and phrases—and we’re here to help! Discover everything you need to know to start digitizing your workplace through the lens of the leading ECM platform, OnBase.





Easily approve invoices, automatically route approvals to the right person and craft an automated approval process to fit your workflow and more. Learn how construction companies across the world have transformed their business processes with the Viewpoint-OnBase integration by Requordit.

Webinar Highlights

  • Overview of the Viewpoint-OnBase integration features
  • Go behind the scenes of the integration with a live demo
  • Questions? Feel free to ask our expert

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public records requests process

You want to meet your constituents needs in a timely and orderly manner. We want to help.

State and local governments across the country report spending $60 million to fulfill more than 285,000 public record requests a year. The average cost for small government agencies is $140K a year.

With a complete public record request system made up of a web-based request submission, dashboard to manage requests, automated tracking and routing, report dashboards and automated electronic delivery of the request package, you’ll save big on personnel and paper expenses.

Data based on the August 2016 Washington State Auditor’s Performance Audit on the The Effect of Public Records Requests on State and Local Governments.

Webinar Agenda

  • Understanding the real costs of an outdated record fulfillment process
  • Insight into a fully automated record request solution
  • Live demo: See the solution in action
  • Q&A with our FOIA experts

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Unity Forms are the future of OnBase electronic forms, simplifying the creation and speeding the implementation of advanced forms. Form creators use an integrated, point-and-click Forms Designer that greatly reduces the time and specialized skill required to build forms for use in OnBase. For end users completing forms, advanced controls add functionality like data validation, dynamic rules and actions, calculations and more, with a consistent experience across devices.

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Digital signatures use secure certification methods to help organizations mitigate risk by providing proof signed documents haven’t been altered. Attend our webinar to learn how this tool can optimize your business processes.

Webinar Highlights

– Overview of digital signatures and certifications

– 5 ways digital signatures transform business operations

– Go behind the scenes of digital signatures with a live demo

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