is the state-of-the-art intelligent capture tool.  Using industry leading OCR and intelligent capture technology, Brainware virtually eliminates the need to classify documents manually and hand-key data from even the most complex, diverse document types, transforming the process into a fast and effective automated routine.

Brainware Intelligent Capture is one of the industry’s most advanced data extraction technologies for scanned and electronic documents. It sorts incoming documents based on their content. Then, it intelligently lifts specific fields and line-item detail based on its context, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications.

Intelligent capture goes beyond traditional centralized batch capture and supports both centralized and distributed branch office scanning, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits that come with moving capture out to the point of entry for most documents. Advanced document identification and standard development tools are provided as part of an intelligent capture solution, enabling you to quickly develop and integrate capture with critical business systems and processes.

• ELIMINATE MANUAL DATA ENTRY: Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine with Brainware Intelligent Capture.

• BOOST PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM-WIDE: Use Intelligent Capture with the capture infrastructure you already have in place—including MFPs and scanners from major manufacturers, as well as email servers, fax servers and other technologies.

• AUTOMATE DATA EXTRACTION: Reduce manual data entry by as much as 80-100 percent. Mitigate the risk of errors associated with manual steps. Automatically verify that data is valid and accurate.

• AUTOMATE PROCESS EFFICIENCY: Intelligent Capture brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your processes by automating the capture, extraction and verification of data from virtually any document type, and empowers you to access metrics and key performance indicators about your processes.

Brainware Intelligent Capture automates document indexing. Documents can be captured in an OnBase capture process, classified, indexed, and verified, as part of an integrated solution. The Visibility reporting tool provides valuable analytics that measure performance and provide information to improve extraction accuracy.

Brainware Intelligent Capture is a configurable capture tool for any document type. Pre-configured solutions are also available:

Brainware for Invoices 

Brainware for Transcripts

Brainware for Remittance

Spend less time on keying and routing documents, and more time on value-added tasks.

Automate your scanned and electronic invoices to enable straight-through processing from receipt to posting in your ERP system.

Automatically classify and route all incoming documents to create a digital mailroom, just to list a couple of examples.

Have greater control over the information lifecycle, promote compliance to standardized processes, and have actionable data from your documents that was never available before… all with measurable impacts that go straight to your bottom line.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting, dashboards and analytics

Pre-built and ad-hoc reports, drag-and-drop design tool

Access to Critical Information

Show the flow of all documents in management dashboards

Monitor the efficiency of all capture processes while running

Track document status within the process

Drill-down into any single document

Detailed Statistics on Intelligent Capture Functions

Data extraction metrics and processing statistics

Verifier status updates

Document details by amount or date