Construction Aplications Solutions: Human Resources and Information Retrieval

This Webinar will cover two solutions and how they apply to the Construction Space. Human Resources solutions for the Construction Space and Information Retrieval and Compliance in Construction.

OnBase Human Resources solutions equip organizations to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle – streamlining HR processes, improving compliance and providing better employee service. By capturing all documents electronically, HR departments reduce time spent on manual, paper-based tasks. Personnel access key documents and information directly from their familiar business application or device, enabling them to drive processes forward. With digital storage and granular access controls, OnBase ensures that confidential employee information is secure.

Enterprise Search is a web-based application that provides secure, unified information access to your content across diverse systems and repositories. With faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support and other intuitive features, users do not need to enter perfect queries to get the right results. Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, straightforward and quick, regardless of where it exists — content repositories, databases, network shares, websites, email systems and more.

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