Transform your AP process by automating each step of the way, all with complete integration to your ERP of choice.

Process invoices 50-90% times faster, with complete process and cashflow visibility

Why automate your AP process? Easy! You’ll be able to process invoices 50-90% times faster, reduce manual labor costs and minimize data entry errors. All while having complete process and cashflow visibility, early payment discounts and maintaining good vendor relations.

Easy to use. No need to worry about complicated software and training, our solution integrates with any financial system or ERP of your choice. Making it easy for your team to work on their usual interface.

Benefits of automated invoice processing

Automated 2-way and 3-way matching

accounts payable process

Reduce manual labor and errors

Faster invoice processing

Up to 90% times faster invoice processing

cashflow visibility

Complete process and cashflow visibility

erp integration

Tailored integration to your ERP of choice

Would you like to see how AP automation works?

How invoice process automation works

Our accounts payable solution captures all of your invoices into the system no matter how they are received (mail, email, fax, EDI, etc.). Once captured, invoices are automatically organized and routed to the right people.

No more missing documents or forgotten invoices. Your team will be notified when a new, urgent or late invoice needs to be processed. They will be able to review and approve from any Microsoft Outlook account and mobile devices.

Track all invoices. With our real time dashboard you will have complete visibility of every stage of the process, as well as detailed information about each invoice and their status. Allowing you to identify bottlenecks and adjust the process or the workload distribution to optimize the workflow to it’s best.

Watch this OnBase video explanation about AP automation

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