Transform your AR process by automating each step of the way with complete integration to your ERP or system.

Faster collection times, with complete process and cashflow visibility

Why automate your AR process? Easy! By automating your AR process you’ll have Quicker collection times, improved cashflow and complete process visibility.

Our AR solution collects and validates all data coming from purchase orders, invoices, checks and related documents, then integrates it into your system. Reducing manual labor, errors and bottlenecks. Allowing your team to implement their valuable time on core tasks.

Visibility is the key. With our real time dashboard, you will have complete visibility of every step of the process as well as detailed information about each client and their payment status. Allowing you to make smarter financial decisions.

Benefits of automated accounts receivable

Real-time dashboard for more insights

accounts payable process

Reduce manual labor and errors

Faster invoice processing

Quicker payment collection times

cashflow visibility

Improved cashflow with complete visiblity

erp integration

Tailored integration to your ERP or system

Would you like to see how AR automation works?

How accounts receivable automation works

Our AR system captures orders, invoices, checks, and related documents, it also validates them making sure that you have accurate information. Once validated It integrates with your system and registers data into each customer account. Giving your team real-time access to customer’s information. Allowing you to deliver invoices quicker and collect cash faster.

Dispute Resolution. Issues with clients? You will have easy access to all important documents, information, dates, etc. everything you need to resolve a dispute, allowing you to provide exceptional customer service.

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