Transform your human resources department by automating key processes like recruiting, employee onboarding, file management and more.

Easy, secure and automated file management, from applicant resumes, tax forms and employee contracts.

Why automate your HR process? Department optimization, give easy access to key documentation your HR staff needs to excel at their work, from applicant correspondence and resumes to tax forms and employee contracts. They’ll have the right information at the right moment to make the right decisions.

Single storage file point. Our HR OnBase solution gives you a single storage point for employee files for instant availability on demand. Each employee file allows your team to identify missing documents and automate the retention of key documents, easing the strain of maintaining compliance with standards, regulations and best practices.

Benefits of automating your HR department

security files

Secure and compliant file management

cloud services

Single storage point for employee files

Faster invoice processing

Faster recruiting and selection process

file automation

Automate the retention and disposal of documents

erp integration

Integration with your HR system

Would you like to see how HR automation works?

How human resources automation works

Our HR solution integrates with every major HCIS/HCM system acting as a central repository for all your unstructured content. It links HR files and processes to the corresponding employee data in other applications, offering HR staff a complete view of the information available for each employee from one screen.

Now your team can focus on whats important – people

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