Centralize and manage all your corporate documents and records, while staying compliant and meeting legal requirements.

Save time and money automating your corporate records life cycle. Let us do the work!

Why implement a records management system? A records management system allows your organization to stay compliant and meet legal requirements with regard to corporate documents and records. From their active life cycle to their disposal.

How to start implementing a solution? Easy! Choose a department where retention and disposal document requirements are already established. Once working you can move forward to other similar departments applying the same formula and just changing a couple of specs.

Easy to use. No need to worry about complicated software and training, our solution integrates with any system or ERP of your choice. Making it easy for your team to work on their usual interface.

Benefits of implementing a records management solution

security files

Security and compliance through file life cycle

cloud services

Centralized content repository

file automation

Automated retention and disposal of records

business problems

Applicable for a wide range of departments and industries

erp integration

Tailored integration to your system of choice

Would you like to see how records management works?

How records management works

Our ECM solution OnBase uses pre-defined rules to fully automate processes – from record declaration through final disposition. Our staff works closely with your team to establish the rules that will automatically manage your records.

Security. Rest assured all your files will be stored securely in the cloud or in premise. Also, depending on the confidentiality of a document permissions can be given so that only authorized staff can access them.

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