Stacks of paper? documents lost or damaged? need more archiving space? Digital is the way, our team will guide you through the right steps of digital document management.

Reduce storage space, enhance file security and compliance with a document management system

Why use a document management consulting service? Scanning documents sounds easy, but what if it’s a historical archive or thousands of day to day invoices, and most importantly what happens next when all documents are digitized? do you have a library in the cloud or in your server, how will your team access all those documents? and how will it help optimize workflows and processes?

Choosing and implementing the right document management system can be exhausting, take a lot of time and resources. This is why you should have a consulting partner that can guide you through the right steps towards technology implementation.

Benefits of digital document management

cloud services

Less storage space, file cabinets, and boxes

accounts payable process

Easy and fast document search and retrieval

insurance solutions

Improved regulatory compliance

security files

Better document security, controlled access to files

erp integration

Data backup and disaster document recovery

Ready for digital transformation?

How document management consulting works

1- Organizational research. In the initial stage, we conduct a deep dive research into your organization’s current processes to determine a baseline from which to measure performance. Our goal is to get at the core of where your document processes are and why. 

2- Industry & business process analysis. Next, we’ll combine our findings with current business process trends, our own best practices and industry knowledge culled through our more than 20 years of experience.

3- Recommendations delivery. Once we’ve completed our review suggestions, we communicate our finding, providing you a detailed explanation, followed up by feedback conversations with your team.

4. Next steps. Our final step involves our team charting the right course of action on how to proceed depending on your final business process automation plan. Whether that’s adoption of new technology or just an overall of internal processes, we will help you begin moving forward with your transformation.

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