Transform your front and back office operations by connecting all content with the right people at the right moment.

Connect your organization, manage content regardless of where it exists and optimize processes.

Implementing an Enterprise Content Management solution is the right step towards digital transformation. Like any new technology implementation not only takes takes money but also time, configuration, training, user adaptation and more.

Software can promise a lot of benefits, still each company is a different world in terms of goals, company culture, finances etc. This is why you need point solutions created specifically for your organization.

Let our team of experts guide your organization through the best strategy for ECM implementation.

Benefits of ECM system implementation consulting services

accounts payable process

Solution overview on how technology will solve your challenges

Faster invoice processing

Detailed roadmap with implementation phases and status meetings

Quality assurance and testing processes to ensure the solution works

business problems

Wide variety of training options for end users

erp integration

Tailored integration to all your business applications

Ready for digital transformation?

How ECM implementation works

1- Consulting. Our skilled team of professionals will meet with your manager or person in charge of the project to develop a solution overview. What is a solution overview? The solution overview provides a synopsis of technology and solutions, on how it will solve your business challenges.

Project managers help translate the solution overview into a detailed roadmap by developing implementation phases and working closely with the development team to see your solution to completion.

Our project manager will work closely with your team through each step of the way, by holding regular meetings to discuss progress as well as providing you with detail documentation about your unique solution.

2- Quality assurance testing. After development, your ECM solution will go through rigorous quality assurance and testing processes to ensure the software meets your customized test cases and requests.

3- Solution implementation. Our technical team works with the project managers to complete all of the required development and technology tasks to build your solution. Whether that involves configuring, writing custom code, or providing implementation support, our developers work quickly and efficiently to deliver the solution in time.

4- End user training. We include a variety of options for training and also hold customized training for end users. This ensures that your ECM solution not only meet the needs of the actual user, but that it ‘s also properly used.

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