Panasonic Scanners are overbuilt to perform when others fail and are easy to integrate with your workflows. We have a solution to optimize every project.

Whether you're scanning one document at a time or imaging records nonstop, our Panasonic solutions have you covered

What type of scanner does my organization need?

Network scanners. Ideal for workgroups that need to share resources and have complete control of information. With its new NETWORK Interface, the scanner can be controlled from a URL that allows the creation of user profiles facilitating the sending of documents to FTP, SMTP, SMB Servers, for a more secure and organized sharing of information.

Departmental scanners. Are the new must-have for medium and large-sized businesses across the finance, legal, healthcare and hospitality industries. With Panasonic departmental scanners you can scan in high-speed multiple document types, sizes and materials at once while still delivering exceptional results.

Production scanners. Engineered to meet the agile demands of large organizations, delivering incredibly high scanning speeds. Add to that intelligent labor-saving features, remote central management software, and built-in image processing.

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