Transform your organization by automating each step of the way with complete integration to your ERP of choice.

Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, boost your profit margins and ensure conformity.

Transform your back-office operations by automating this 5 key processes:

1. Document Management. Onbase offers a single repository for all your documents and records stored in one place. We provide energy workflow automation that ensures seamless storage of documents from all of your current systems, granting easy access through your favorite ERP.

2. Finance & Accounting. Streamline and increase the efficiency of your finance and accounting processes using the top energy management software – OnBase. Its solutions promote faster inter-departmental processing, more quality decision-making, and allows all departments to share critical information and resources amongst themselves easily.

3. Contract Management. Overhaul your contract management process by streamlining each of its elements to ensure your operations are more efficient, secure, and saving you time and money—all possible with the help of energy management software.

4. Human Resources. Get the most out of your human capital management system by seamlessly integrating it with OnBase. This allows employees to easily and instantly access prospective and current employee documents and information directly from the application.

5. SOX Compliance. SOX compliance can be very complicated and cost a lot of money. With the rich levels of security, version control and audit trails, it’s easier than ever to support compliance iniciatives and meet auditors’ needs.

Benefits of automating your back-office

360 file view

Complete audited history across all departments

insurance solutions

100% compliance with any policy or law

accounts payable process

Automated routing, reviews and approvals


Real-time access to critical information

erp integration

Tailored integration to your ERP or core system

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