New Year’s resolution ideas for work

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New Year’s resolution ideas for work

Looking for New Year’s resolution ideas for work that will make an impact? Hint: Think big and long term.

To make lasting changes for the good, consider the goals of your entire organization. What’s a major problem, workplace challenge or inefficiency that’s stunting the growth or competitive advantage of your company?

John Mancini, president and CEO of AIIM, offered these three suggestions when considering positive change for your organization:

  1. Improve organizational flexibility and agility.
  2. Improve knowledge worker productivity.
  3. Reduce business risk.

Let’s break these down a bit more.

New Year’s resolution 1: Improve organization flexibility and agility

In the coming years, we’ll all see a trend: Companies that don’t evolve to modern times and technology will be left behind. These days technology isn’t just nice to have. It’s necessary to operate in an ever-changing, fast-past business environment. Consider all the areas an injection of tech-assisted tools would would impact cost and time dependencies.

At Requordit, we save people time every day by eliminating tedious, manual processes such as invoice routing and internal auditing. We employ OnBase document management software to automate these business functions and immediately an organizational department is transformed for the better, with the results proving their value year after year.

New Year’s resolution 2: Increase productivity among knowledge workers

Individual contributors can serve the masses if they’re working smartly. How can a change in processes revolutionize the way your knowledge workers operate? Freeing up their time provides the bandwidth to complete more analytic tasks that every company needs to remain competitive.

Conduct an audit of the work style of everyone in your department. How long does it take to complete routine tasks compared to the more complex ones?

We’ve seen workers who’s task list was filled with manual, data entry tasks transformed into more business-critical projects like data analysis.

New Year’s resolution 3: Eliminate unnecessary business risk

Achieving and maintaining compliance doesn’t have to be a sour subject. It’s possible and quite simple with the right habits. To begin, don’t rely on physical paper storage and manual processes that are prone to human error. Secondly, make internal audits a routine and normal part of your business process. Audits not only ensure your information and documents are accounted for, they help save money by helping organizations pay the correct amount in expenses. Requordit customers experience the savings in many forms on a regular basis.

This December while you’re pondering your personal goals, set aside time to consider these New Year’s resolution ideas for work. Trust us, by employing one of these changes you’ll surely have a transformative year.

Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Patty is the social media and content marketing manager at Requordit. For more than 10 years, she's reported on technology news, industry insights and more for B2B organizations across the United States.