Optimize processes and free your team from manual tasks. Let us do the work for you! Just upload your images and receive your data.

Easy and fast OCR online services. Just upload your images and wait for your data to be ready!

Why use OCR online services? Investing in OCR software not only takes money but also time. Time for implementation, programming, training, user adaptation and much more.

Skip all of the trouble and let our team of experts work for you! With our OCR services you just need to register, choose your settings, upload documents to our secure portal and wait for your data to come back in your preferred format (PDF, CSV, TIFF).

Need help integrating your data with your core system? we got you covered, our professional services staff can help you with integrations and any other technical support you may need.

Benefits of OCR in the cloud images services

Minimum setup just a few configuration clicks

accounts payable process

Reduce manual labor and errors

Faster invoice processing

Reduce costs and time on processes

cloud services

Upload and download data from our Secure Management Tool

erp integration

Tailored integration to your ERP of choice

Sign up and receive your first 100 documents processed with CloudOCR for free!

How OCR in the cloud works

Once you’ve registered and selected your configuration settings, we can start extracting data from your invoices, tickets, checks and more.

1 – Upload your documents. You can forward your invoice email to our special email address or upload files using our Secure Management Tool (SMT).

2 – We extract data from your documents with OCR. Once we receive your files our OCR services automatically extract data according to your settings.

3 – We validate and export your data. Our professionally trained staff will verify the accuracy of the OCR, make corrections and ensure your data is ready for you to use.

4. We send you a batch file. When all data is extracted and validated we will send you and XML or CSV file along with the documents in PDF or TIFF format for you to load them into your core system.

5. Integration services. We have a professional team of individuals ready to help you integrate data files into your ERP system.

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