optical character recognition software

Document Capture Software

Document Scanning & Capture Software

OnBase provides these capture capabilities alongside content management, case management
and BPM capabilities – speeding business processes from beginning to end.

document capture software

Document Scanning Software

document capture software OnBase

Electronic Content Capture

onbase document scanning

Mobile Content Capture

optical character recognition software

Data Capture

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OnBase Document Capture Videos

OnBase Capture gets information into the right hands
For business to run smoothly, information needs to be in the hands of people that know what to do with it. Watch and discover how OnBase ensures that an organization’s content and information is always available to those who need it.
The true depth of OnBase Capture
A true capture solution should do more than just lift data from your organization’s documents. Learn how OnBase Capture goes above and beyond to ensure all of your information is complete and accurate.
OnBase Advanced Capture
The documents that come into your organization contain very important information, which your business needs in order to operate.

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