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Record Storage

Requordit and OnBase deliver the best record storage and document security technologies. We help to minimize your organization’s risks and make sure it remains in compliance with numerous complicated industry regulations.

Stay safer with secure document retention, management, and destruction

Protect Content. Streamline productivity. Reduce operating costs.


Via robust OnBase encryption technologies, your important content remains secure throughout its lifecycle while supporting DSS, PCI, and other relevant compliance standards. The IT professionals at Requordit will thoroughly assess your current LDAP or NT authentication protocols. We make it easy for you to enhance your document security and stay in complete control over who accesses your sensitive data.


Requordit and OnBase produce multiple electronic copies of your data, and then, store them in a network of highly secure servers across various locations. In the rare event of main server downtime, the next server in the OnBase Cloud network takes over to ensure continuous record storage and document access within your organization. You stay in complete control, at all times.


Requordit reduces your risks and increases ROI with the best document retention and document destruction technologies available. When the time comes to destroy sensitive content permanently, you have control. You can choose to have OnBase send it to you for approval first, or for it to be destroyed automatically at a preset date and time.

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