OnBase centralizes important business content in one secure location, and delivers relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are.

Document management point solutions, designed to meet your organization's back-office needs

Why implement OnBase software in my organization? OnBase provides a single platform for building content-enabled applications while integrating with your other core business systems.  Delivering value for both your business units and IT department.

Low-code configuration. Your team will be able to classify almost any file type and quickly extract necessary information, for relevant business processes and systems.

Anywhere, any way. Deploy OnBase in the cloud, extend to mobile devices and integrate with existing applications – all benefiting from the core strengths and securities native to the OnBase platform.

Benefits of working with OnBase software

reporting dashboard

Access other business applications from your familiar screen

accounts payable process

Easy and fast access to documents, forms, reports and business processes

mobile compatibility

Access information, monitor processes and more from our mobile app

Retrieve, create, update documents, complete forms and more offline


Customers can easily submit forms, track process status and access documents online

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What can OnBase do for my organization?

Capture. No matter where or how content enters your organization, OnBase captures it to provide faster, simpler, improved access to those who need it most. Beyond importing documents – from scanners, electronic locations and mobile devices – and ingesting data in a variety of ways, OnBase also automatically extracts data from incoming documents. This minimizes manual data entry and speeds processes from the point of origination.

Manage. OnBase combines the ability to manage documents, data and processes in one system so your information flows seamlessly throughout your organization. Minimize process delays, data silos and disconnected documents and automate repetitive tasks while equipping workers to make better decisions.

Access. OnBase makes your content become instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application. Empower your users to access content the way that makes the most sense for them – allowing them to work more effectively from the office, on the road or in the field.

Integrate. Leverage information from another application to automate processes in OnBase such as filling out forms, triggering business workflows or composing documents. Sync data between systems to connect documents and processes in OnBase with records in your business application in real time, empowering users to make critical business decisions with up-to-date information.

Measure. OnBase provides real-time insights into the status of your processes, the completeness of your records and the health of your system – allowing you to take action when and where it’s needed. The system also facilitates audits and supports compliance initiatives by identifying the existence and accuracy of information.

Store. OnBase minimizes risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations – without needing to purchase additional third-party software or hardware.

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