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OnBase is an enterprise content management system that helps organizations speed up processes and reduce costs by capturing important information into one system; managing data, documents and processes; integrating with your existing systems; providing instant access to everyone who needs it; giving visibility into your processes and system performance and securely storing, protecting and destroying your information.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) began as a single platform capable to merge content from different repositories like enterprise document management(EDM), web content management (WCM) and digital asset management (DAM).

However content began to be used in a different way. The differences between their use cases were too contrary which made it difficult to manage content from a single platform. This is when ECM started to evolve. While ECM is still a single platform for managing all documents in a company, it now focuses more on managing content regardless of where it exists.

We integrate with popular ERP systems like: SPA, JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business, Viewpoint, CGC eCMS, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Yes, we offer 2 options: OCR software – implementation and consulting services, and OCR online services for faster processing of invoices, tickets, checks, documents, images and more.

While we are based in the Chicago area, we have clients from Las Vegas, New York, Texas, as well as international clients in Mexico and Brazil.

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