With our SAP integration you will be able to connect your SAP data to all your business content and processes.

Automatically extract data from sales orders, invoices, forms and more, all within your comfortable SAP interface

Why integrate OnBase with SAP? You’ll be able to easily access business transactions documents within your same SAP interface. You’ll boost productivity, optimize processes and make the most from your existing investment.

Easy to use. No need to worry about complicated software and training, our solution integrates with any system or ERP of your choice. Making it easy for your team to work on their usual interface.

Benefits of SAP integration

cloud services

Reduce costs of storing and maintaining paper documents

360 file view

Eliminate time-consuming search for information across multiple locations

reporting dashboard

Access to critical information from your SAP interface

cashflow visibility

Automate manual processes like data entry and information routing

business problems

Link transactional data in SAP to related content outside the core system

See how our SAP integration works

How our SAP integration works

The Requordit integration for SAP uses ArchiveLink for an attach list and print-list integration. Additionally, Requordit’s proprietary code completes the integration process. The SAP-OnBase integration can seamlessly route documents with SAP Workflow; pass keyword information to SAP Workflow to assist with prioritization and auto-population of SAP fields; and display documents from SAP with zero footprint required on client machines.