Top 3 sessions to attend at Viewpoint Collaborate 2018


We’ll be at the Viewpoint conference this Oct. 15. But if you’re a long-time Collaborate attendee like us, you already know that. We’ve might have even met before.

The purpose of this note is to help you have the best time by giving you our top three sessions to attend to ensure you gain and keep your competitive edge.

This year, don’t miss:

Building an Information Bridge Between Field and Office

Accurate, real-time project information is essential to identifying jobs that are at risk for profit fade, not to mention to remain competitive in the construction industry. Despite advancements and investment in technology, your organization may continue to struggle with the inefficiencies and information gaps resulting from tolerance for multiple tools and individuals’ manual processes. Attend this session to hear how you can bridge the gap and effectively integrate field data collection processes into a home office single source of truth for project status information.

Conversations with Construction IT Pros: How We Sleep at Night

Come hear from three construction IT experts about what keeps them up at night — and how they solve those problems. The risks are different for different sized companies, so we’ve made sure to host someone from different sized organizations to ensure it’s relevant for all. We’ll cover BYOD, cybersecurity, and more!

How to Right-Size Your Company’s IT Investment: Making the Case

The best way to understand if you’re falling behind is to know what others are doing. Join us to explore how three different contractors have been able to put together a technology stack that makes sense for their businesses — and how you can use their learnings to benchmark your own use of tech and make the business case for future investments, gaining time and productivity back in the process.

Hope to see you around the exhibitor’s expo. If you have a few minutes, Click Here and check out what’s going on with us.

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