Cut costs from the public records requests process

You want to meet your constituents needs in a timely and orderly manner. We want to help.

State and local governments across the country report spending $60 million to fulfill more than 285,000 public record requests a year. The average cost for small government agencies is $140K a year.

With a complete public record request system made up of a web-based request submission, dashboard to manage requests, automated tracking and routing, report dashboards and automated electronic delivery of the request package, you’ll save big on personnel and paper expenses.

Data based on the August 2016 Washington State Auditor’s Performance Audit on the The Effect of Public Records Requests on State and Local Governments.

Webinar Agenda

  • Understanding the real costs of an outdated record fulfillment process
  • Insight into a fully automated record request solution
  • Live demo: See the solution in action
  • Q&A with our FOIA experts

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