is an OCR platform that classifies documents and enables data extraction and validation and sends the data and files downstream for processing to a workflow or case management solution.

  • ancora is a dynamic OCR software that learns while processing. When ancora learns where a meta data field is on an invoice, it automatically stores that information eliminating the need to set up document templates.
  • ancora also has a powerful classification engine that automatically identifies the document type and can separate multiple documents from a single file and process them as an individual document.

ancora’s business process automation solutions use patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help organizations eliminate costly manual steps in their business processes such as document classification, document analysis, manual data entry, etc.

ancora’s data capture solutions can help companies eliminate the labor intensive, error prone and time-consuming manual processing, enabling companies to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes.

Reduce manual data entry by 60% to 90% by automatically extracting relevant data fields based on form type whether machine printed, hand printed, barcode, or mark sense.

ancoraDocs is its flagship product that was developed to bring simplicity to a technology that is generally considered complex, expensive, and difficult to configure, install, use, and maintain. It is a complete invoice processing solution that was specifically designed for Accounts Payable departments. When employees are keying data, they are not focused on their core duties—and that hampers a company’s ability to accomplish work efficiently. ancoraDocs eliminates hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy.

· Capture forms as they arrive at your organization from any scanner, MFD, email or watched folder.

· Document Classification forms are automatically sorted utilizing neural networks based on pattern, appearance, and text into specific document classes for data extraction.

· Electronically Route Forms utilizing ancoraDocs Forms flexible ability to easily output images and data to your ECM or line-of-business application for business processing.

· Simple Integration with 3rd Party applications provides the ability to easily move the extracted data from your forms to your business applications.

· Management Visibility and Compliance Controls. Management can see what forms are queued for processing, applying strict controls on how business forms are processed is critical for regulatory compliance.

Experience automated invoice processing without templates and time-consuming setup.

ancoraDocs is preloaded to capture Invoice Summary and Line Item Data; and coupled with our machine learning techniques means implementations are measured in just a few days, not weeks, or months.


• Automatically captures invoices & tickets sent to an email address

• Directly scan invoices & tickets into ancora OCR and OnBase

• Documents created form other systems like tickets can be brought into OnBase easily with API integration or flat transfer


ancora OCR automatically classifies inbound documents

• Classification is based on sample documents


• ancora OCR dynamically captures header data on invoices

• OCR learns on a per vendor


• Admin interface to validate header fields

• Easily configure rules, SQL look ups, calculable fields, etc.


•  User interface to configure Validation Rules


• I need information about this step of the process


• I need information about this step of the process

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REQUORDIT Insight for Vista is a cloud-based workflow for validation and exception handling. It will allow the data extracted from Cloud OCR to be validated by integrating it with the Insight Web Service that is connected to your Cloud or On-Premise Vista by Viewpoint Solution.

automates your processes, manages business content in one secure location and works with your other applications to deliver information when you need it.

cloudocr software

is a software that was created with the purpose of helping organizations automate manual data capture and validation through an easy and fast online OCR solution


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Explore how you can automate invoice and data extraction using CloudOCR and ancora.