We have developed industry-specific solutions that empower construction companies to maximize the value of captured documents, centralized processing, and document controls. Departments can automate distributed solutions to the field while maintaining central visibility and control. Digital Transformation for Construction companies is changing how we do business. 



Forget highly manual and paper-intensive processes. At REQUORDIT we can help you maximize the potential of your insurance department by helping your team automate repetitive manual tasks.


REQUORDIT offers an extended variety of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, services, and technologies with an emphasis on AP Invoice Process Automation, OCR capture, Document Management, Business Process Automation, and Records Management using our extensive knowledge of the construction field. 

REQUORDIT has a focus on the construction industry and the unique challenges faced when automating business processes through technology.  


Our unique process involves rapid application development and niche application consolidation that help maximize resources.  Not only can we tailor solutions to meet a broad set of requirements, but we also provide consulting services to help maximize, automate, and streamline your technology investment to obtain astonishing results. REQUORDIT is uniquely qualified to meet your enterprise needs. 


  • Ensure data integrity by applying automated validation rules that talk to other systems and route automatically based on condition.


  • Automate your invoice processing with cloud or premise based OCR and highly advanced workflows that integrate into your ERP.


  • Allow corporate and project managers to send e-forms and documents from anywhere for approval and processing


  • Capture Invoices, Tickets, project information, daily reports, delivery tickets, accident reports, payroll, and equipment time, from anywhere


  • Transform the contracting and the change management process by capturing required signatures electronically


  • Mobile access for approvals and access to all documentation based on your security.  


  • Build scalable solutions easily that can replace spreadsheets and access databases in days not months.  Truly empowering your business operations quickly.








REQUORDIT services



REQUORDIT Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools provide general contractors, heavy highway, and specialty contractors a way to accomplish best-in-class AP Automation.

Other invoice processing software allows electronic routing of documents and has some degree of integration with construction accounting and ERP systems, but only REQUORDIT ECM for construction the following:

· Reporting-Run report reflecting money outstanding- that has been received and is not in our system today

· Reduce entry, filing of paper invoices, scanning to Viewpoint

· Invoice Payable process streamlined

· Automated billing-system can capture all related documents and upload to ShareBase, link emailed to the customer

· Visibility into what invoices are where

· Cashflow Management

Process your invoices dramatically faster than it would normally take your organization!

· Capture Inbound Invoice Meta Data with Advanced Capture

· Code invoices with Electronic Coding Form

· Auto Populate and verify Data with Integrations to Other Systems like ERP

· Automatically Relate all Supporting Documents to the Invoice

· Approve invoices in Workflow



Transform your AR process by automating each step of the way with complete integration to your ERP or system.

REQUORDIT provides AR solutions that help you quickly and efficiently resolve issues so that you can get paid faster. We can put documents from any of your systems in one location so that your customer service agents and salespeople have a complete history for any given transaction or account. These documents include invoices and acknowledgements from your ERP, dunning letters, or customer emails. We can also track any actions that your agents take against an account, enabling you to get an activity overview in one location. Our solutions put information at your fingertips, enabling you to communicate efficiently and intelligently with your customers.

Document Management software not only acts as a central location for all accounts receivable documents and communications, but it can also track your collection activities, and help you prioritize your customer service actions so that you are focusing on the highest dollar amount first.

· Archive Proof of Delivery Documents (Tickets)

· Identify transactions with no Proof of Delivery

· Capture and Archive Customer Invoices

· Distribute Invoices to Customers with or without Proof of Delivery Documents

· Archive Tax Exempt Forms and associate them with Invoices by Customer Project

· Archive and Distribute Lien Documents

· Archive and Manage Customer Credit Applications

· Archive Daily Production and Inventory Usage Reports

· Can support more than one Point of Sale / Ticketing Systems for the Enterprise

· Can support more than one Invoicing System for the Enterprise



business automation solutions

Transform your Human Resources department by automating key processes like recruiting, employee onboarding, file management, and more. Easy, secure, and automated file management, from applicant resumes, tax forms and employee contracts. ​

· Secure and compliant file management

· Single storage point for employee files

· Faster recruiting and selection process

· Automate the retention and disposal of documents

· Integration with your HR system

Example Construction Hiring Scenario

One of your project managers desperately needs men at a remote jobsite. He hires six guys and needs to fill out the paperwork before they can start work. The employment requests generate the need to get ten additional documents and he won’t get approval to hire them unless everything is captured within 48 hours. Will the PM get everything in on time?

 The project manager has prospective employees fill out REQUORDIT e-forms on a tablet, including tax forms, insurance, benefits, and provisioning for needed trucks, phones, laptops, IT logins, etc. E-forms accepts digital signatures for W4s and I9s, which can be merged with images of IDs and automatically sent to HR for approval. Documents can also be scanned on a copier or in batches with REQUORDIT CaptureStation.

REQUORDIT Workflow Automation then routes these documents to HR for review and approval. The system will also automatically flag anything that is missing and notify the PM on their smartphone or tablet so they can get it into HR in time. We then store all documents in REQUORDIT Document Management with all the needed version control, audit trails and retention scheduling.



Take control of your legal processes, change orders, and automate your Contract Management.

· Providing insight into contract status and staff workloads, equipping organizations to identify process improvement opportunities​

· Reducing the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract milestones​

· Minimizing delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approval tasks​

· Maximizing existing investments by linking contracts to other systems of record

· Ensure policies, procedures, and compliance are followed

· Securely capture and store contracts and supporting data and documents

· Automatically route contracts for review, approval, and execution
—even digital signature​

· Create dynamic contracts on-demand using a built-in clause library​

· Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals​

· Provide legal personnel with a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence​

· Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions​

REQUORDIT services



REQUORDIT construction ECM software automatically routes documents to be processed to the appropriate employee. When they are done with their work, the document is then automatically routed to the next for further processing, review, and approval. If they do not finish their work in a timely manner, their supervisor is alerted to the issue.

The resulting one click project close-outs and employee efficiency gains are often dramatic, especially for entry level employees who spend more time on the tasks best suited for their experience level and not on low-value tasks like document search and retrieval.

By implementing REQUORDIT construction ECM, you will streamline all workflows, particularly those involving the processing of invoices, POs and contracts, new employee applications, 1-9s and timecards, RFIs and change orders, daily reports, and drawings. This makes it much easier for your employees to find documents they need and to get the job done right, the first time.

· Integrated with native document management solution

· Point-and-click configuration​

· Granular security integrated with OnBase document management system​

· Search filters and view portlets for custom data views and retrieval​

· ​Rapid application deployment for collaborative enterprises​

· Configured to mirror current business process so little-to-no end-user training is required​

· Independent, user-definable interfaces for different business groups​

· Relational management of correspondence used to relate like events to one another​

· Document routing and processing integration with OnBase Workflow module



A poor records management strategy opens organizations up to compliance fines and exposes them to potential litigation. With our end-to-end Records Management solution, including REQUORDIT ERMS, organizations are sure to keep business records for as long as they need and no longer.

Record Management solutions allow organizations to meet legal retention requirements regarding their corporate documents and records.

AUTOMATE RECORDS RETENTION REQUIREMENTS, SO BUSINESS USERS CAN FOCUS ON THEIR PRIMARY JOBS. An HR generalist does not have to remember how long to keep a W-4 form after an employee leaves the organization. They can focus on finding and retaining talent.

THE C-SUITE BENEFITS BECAUSE THE ORGANIZATION REMAINS COMPLIANT.  Records are securely organized, appropriately discoverable and then destroyed accordingly, allowing the company to support compliance initiatives.


· Security and compliance file lifecycle

· Centralized content repository

· Automated retention and disposal of records

· Applicable for a wide range of departments and industries

· Tailored integration to your system of choice

Is the world’s leading point-and-click configurable ECM solution. OnBase automates your processes, manages your important business content in one secure location and works with your other applications to deliver your information whenever – and wherever – you need it.

This provides employees with a complete view of information and the visibility into the status of processes, documents and content while also supporting retention requirements. With thousands of companies in more than 70 countries, OnBase is the trusted platform of choice to securely manage the world’s content.  

Can extract data from almost every type of document: invoices, tickets, bill of lading, forms and even drawing sets. This online OCR service is a fast and easy way of capturing key information into your system with the help of innovative optical character recognition technology.

It is a stand-alone software that automatically identifies and extracts meta data from invoices and other documents and sends the data and invoice files downstream for processing. ancora’s data capture solutions can help companies eliminate the intensive labor, error prone, and time-consuming manual processing, enabling companies to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes.  

The OnBase integration for the Oracle JD Edwards Suite allows organizations to connect transactional data with supporting documents in OnBase. Without leaving their familiar application, users easily access documents while also taking advantage of native OnBase functionality, such as adding notes to documents.

The OnBase Viewpoint Integration for AP is a core solution in the REQUORDIT portfolio. This solution includes ancora OCR, OnBase AP Coding and Approval Workflow, and OnBase Document Management. This property was developed by REQUORDIT to create a best-in-class integration between OnBase and Viewpoint. This option contains professional services pricing for a base package with minimal customization.




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