Let Ancora’s patented machine learning algorithms do the work for you, see your data entry processes become easily automated before your eyes.

High speed capture, classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of any document received.

Why use Ancora for document capture and processing? You will be able to import files automatically, no matter the input method. Whether it’s from a scanner, a shared network folder, email inbox or direct upload. Ancora is designed to handle a great variety of files, structures and formats.

Instead of spending time and costs building rigid OCR form templates, Ancora’s patented machine learning algorithms learn as you index files and rapidly automate future indexing. This allows users to focus on exceptions and actively improve the data capture process by simply going about their day to day tasks.

Benefits of using Ancora - document capture software

business problems

Automatic document classification, just provide a sample and the system will learn

file automation

Easy setup, just define your capture fields and click on the value.

erp integration

Pull-in and publish information directly to your leading ERP system

cloud services

Your solution can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid offering

Output is delivered either in pdf or tiff and data is delivered in XML, CSV or SQL

See how document capture software works

How Ancora - document capture software works

Capture documents. Ancora can receive documents from a scanner, sweep files from a shared network folder, monitor an email inbox, and allow for direct upload.

OCR. The system will then use OCR to identify values on the page and use semantic reasoning to automatically classify and separate them after which the system will attempt to automatically populate as many fields as possible.

Validation. If every required field is filled in and meets all configured validations, the invoices can pass straight through into their final repository and leave only documents that need further attention to be verified by an operator.

Data output. Custom export capabilities abound utilizing ancoraDocs’ SDK including direct API-level transfer to OnBase and custom flat file formatting for direct upload to your ERP. Out of the box export options include XML, CSV, and SQL table data exports and TIF or PDF image exports.

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