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Content Management Envolve

to Enterprise Content Services

The evolution in document management begun two years ago.  In other words, what became known as Enterprise Content Management now is Enterprise Content Services.

What is the difference between both concepts? That the first refers to only using technology and a platform that can centralize information; on the other hand, the second focuses on providing strategies in document management and how costumers use it to make processes more efficient.

Nowadays, all companies,  require good management of their documents and files for triggering their growth. Therefore, Gartner, a consulting and research firm specialized in information technology, suggests the next four main points in order to increase productivity:

1.- Regulatory compliance and risk management in order to have complete transparency and no mistakes in your document management processes.

2.- Retention and dissemination of business knowledge so that improves Customer Support


3.- Costs and efficiencies of processes in document management save resources and time for your organization

4.- Innovation and new ways of working will guide your company in having best practices for document management within your organization

Use Enterprise Content Services to build strategies


Companies need a more strategic approach with the documentation they handle. Above all, it’s not only about storing and searching data, but also, about knowing how to manage that information.

To help your organization, the solutions we offer in Requordit, through OnBase software, have to do more with offering an approach in which the content is usable and manageable, regardless of the source repository. As a result, the era in which only technological platforms were offered for document management has been left behind so you can enter the digital transformation.

The advantages offered by the vision of Enterprise Content Services are:

– Combine a robust and technological content strategy

– Enterprise content services so they are handled quickly and cost-effectively

– Maintains adequate levels in the fulfillment of emerging businesses

In a more schematic way, here we have a comparative about what are the differences between ECM and ECS:

Requordit has Enterprise Content Services solutions, which allows the automation of document management processes since it offers: capture necessary data to have them available when required so you can manage information in a single platform, integrate your technology with other tools and applications.



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OnBase has transformed thousands of organizations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient, and effective. It provides a single platform for building content-enabled applications while integrating with other core business systems.


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