Reducing Costs of Getting Invoices and other Documents into Viewpoint –

CloudOCR +Insight 

This solution allows Viewpoint Vista users to directly input invoice data from CloudOCR into their Viewpoint Vista ERP, it is specifically an OCR product designed for Viewpoint users. REQUORDIT Insight creates a simple Viewpoint OCR experience that will enable your organization to process invoices quickly and accurately, resulting in faster payments to your vendors with no errors.

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Find out how you can process documents faster with effortless OCR online. Our cloud service that you can easily set up in less than an hour and start uploading your documents. Learn more about how CloudOCR works by registering for our webinar.  

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CloudOCR + Insight

Using advanced web services developed by our team, REQUORDIT Insight provides seamless connectivity to your Viewpoint Vista instance, allowing you to validate information within Insight to ensure a high degree of accuracy and control. Sign up for more information.

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Workflow validation

One of the most important tasks of REQUORDIT Insight is to validate the data. Through this webinar, you will find out what information is reviewed during the validation process.


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