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3 pitfalls of digital transformation

Many are jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon—and for a good reason. Adopting digital tools is the only way to remain competitive in the modern business landscape.

1. Not considering the scope of your digital transformation

Are you thinking in short-term project terms or a long-term roadmap? The different can lay between months and years.

The truth is that digital transformation may mean something to you, a department head, and something entirely different for your C-Suite. Before you bring on a third party, like a software implementation partner, you need to define your terms, so everyone has the same starting point.

2. Adapting to tech instead of molding it around your org

A self-assessment with the to stakeholders in your company is crucial to understanding your business needs. Additionally, when you only involve those whose goals sit under the same umbrella, there will be less dispute and more agreement.

For example, let’s say your drawing management storage process has been weighed down by physical storage of plans, inability to search for files that are digital and costly fees for mailing documents. A software implementation partner shouldn’t come to the table with a template of how your business should operate. Yes, they should have best practices and industry insight. But the game plan shouldn’t already be written. There needs to analysis and interviews with your team members to understand how your team would ideally work best under your best case scenario.

3. Unwillingness to think outside the box

Bringing your needs to the table and lessening the reigns on your preconceived notions go hand in hand.

“Transformation exposes information about operations across departmental lines and management levels, and there are a lot of people who may not be happy about that,” says Tom Dannemiller, CEO of Sabia, to CIO.com. “Long-standing myths about operations become exposed. The sources of problems are uncovered, and that process may not be complementary to the folks who are responsible for the project’s success.”

Don’t hamstring yourself out of participating in the digital future by being adverse to change. It’s a new frontier, so consider all that is possible.

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