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Business Process Automation

is Now Mainstream

Process automation is a tool we encounter daily in our personal lives. We get alerts on our phone, TV and mobile tools. We’ve allowed devices and technology to work harmoniously to make informed decisions in how to assist us on crucial tasks. Some of us would even say they couldn’t live without these time-saving tools. And in this new year, companies are hoping for the same outcome in their back-of-the-house operations.

Business process automation is not a nice to have any more. It’s how midsized to enterprise organizations eliminate tedium from their workplace. This frees up bandwidth from employees to allow them to provide more value-added work, as they’re no longer bogged down with inefficiency.

“The average American office worker loses up to 38 working hours a year just looking for misplaced items,” Deep Patel wrote in Forbes.

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1. The recruiting process

For large organizations, recruiting is a stressful but necessary process. Talent is the bedrock of a company and getting the right people

 onboarded properly helps set them up for success.

“By automating, organizations enable their recruiters to become more strategic and focus on meeting the modern candidate’s needs and expectations [and] build meaningful relationships with those candidates to eventually secure top talent,”

Kurt Heikkinen, CEO of Montage told CIO.com.

Here’s how more organizations will bring business process automation into their workplaces:


2. The IT department

Is the IT department the most overworked organizational unit? Possibly, but they don’t have to be. There are automated tools created with their workloads in mind, too. Nearly a fifth of their daily tasks can be eliminated or completed with a robotic process automation platform.

3. Accounting

Additionally, reducing the burden of strenuous procure-to-pay workflows is only one method automation plays a role in finance departments. A travel expense protocol embedded with optical character recognition technology ensures every line item of receipts is read and indexed. You can easily segment data into categories and the expense logging process doesn’t take much time away from daily duties.

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