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New Years Resolutions

22 New Year's

Resolutions to Maximize Your Human Potential

By Jack Shales


22 New Year’s


By Jack Shales


As we wrap up another exciting year at REQUORDIT full of meaningful projects using our portfolio of automation and document management technologies we would like to offer these

22 resolutions to take your New Year to the next level and maximize the human potential of your organization.

1. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Whether you are already on a Foundation build of OnBase or still on OnBase 15, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the most secure and stable version yet in OnBase Foundation EP5, which features thousands of enhancements over the previous version and a host of new features including the new OnBase Mobile.

2. Explore the possibilities in the cloud.

You may have heard about ‘the cloud’ once or twice in the past few years… Or possibly every single day—and why? The future truly is cloud-first for a multitude of reasons, but primarily due to enhanced security, ease of deployment, and regulatory compliance there has never been a better time to investigate a migration off-premise.

3. No more manual data entry.

If anybody in your company is currently looking at a document, possibly separating and scanning the document beforehand, and entering pertinent data from that document into the computer by hand I am here to tell you there is a better way. Join the dozens of CloudOCR customers and eliminate manual document indexing and more with the top machine-learning-enhanced OCR service out there.

4. Reduce button clicks and touchpoints.

Technology is supposed to make things easier, or at least that’s what we hope. Using OnBase and other technology in our toolbelt like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we at Requordit have been finding ways to streamline document-based processes for over 25 years. If you are passing the same document back and forth or going into several different applications to accomplish a simple task there may be a better way.

5. Get away from paper forms.

No one likes to fill out paper forms, especially when information must be entered over and over again. Paper forms pull us out of the digital space and take valuable time to print, fill out, possibly rescan and maybe even enter data after the fact. If we just convert these paper-based form processes to an electronic format like OnBase’s Unity Forms we can ensure than any existing data (like employee contact information) can automatically populate the form, any changes will be tracked, and the form will never have to exist in the physical world.

6. Digitize paper files.

Even if your company is mostly digital by now there may still be that warehouse in the middle of nowhere with several years’ worth of paper files. At Requordit we have helped hundreds of customers convert paper assets into the digital realm using the gamut of methods from fully fledged indexing teams to automated extraction via COLD or other flat file processing.

7. Engage automated document retention.

Even if your company is mostly digital by now there may still be that warehouse in the middle of nowhere with several years’ worth of paper files. At Requordit we have helped hundreds of customers convert paper assets into the digital realm using the gamut of methods from fully fledged indexing teams to automated extraction via COLD or other flat file processing.

8. Know what is there and what is NOT there.

Do you currently have an easy way to tell if all the documents surrounding a transaction have arrived? OnBase is built to relate documents by pertinent data like a Project Number, PO Number, or Job Number and can even reconcile constituent documents against a line-item statement.

9. Experience full text search.

Keyword document searching is great if you have strong indexing policies and you know what you’re looking for, but what if you need to search a 500-page document quickly for a single word or phrase that can be ANYWHERE? This is where full text search comes in. Simply enable the document type for full text search and let OnBase dynamically highlight and paginate every place the searched term is found.

10. Compose templated documents automatically.

Creating documents like contracts can be time-consuming and require a lot of manual cuts and paste of information even if using templates. By using OnBase’s Document Composition you can save time by enabling placeholders in the template to automatically populate with relevant data. Collect important data in a dynamic form and then simply hit a button to generate the resulting contract.

11. Find all related documents, instantly compile a packet.

Whether it’s compiling a submittal or sending out all related exhibits for signature OnBase can easily find all documents related to the primary and compile a PDF packet with a clickable table of contents.

12. Lock down revision tracking so that NO change is missed or forgotten.

In the past to collaborate with an external party you may have had to send many emails back and forth and sometimes it could be difficult to tell which copy is the latest revision. OnBase offers a wealth of tools to ensure that no change is ever lost, and every document change is recorded.

13. Integrate with your favorite digital signing service.

DocuSign, Adobe Sign, TruSign, and more! At this point OnBase has a purpose-built integration with a wealth of options that will meet your performance and compliance needs when it comes to automating digital signing processes.

14. Create visual reporting dashboards that tell the WHOLE story.

OnBase offers the ability to create dynamic, click-to-filter dashboards that can display data both inside and OUTSIDE of OnBase. Therefore, you can see the entire journey of a document, transaction, or contract from capture to its final disposition in a 3rd party system.

15. Access critical documents from ANY 3rd party application.

No matter which applications you have in your business OnBase offers a multitude of purpose-built integrations and integration tools to enable document retrieval, workflow interaction, and more. Whether it is through the REST API, screen scrape with App Enabler, or the tried-and-true DocPop link REQUORDIT can assist in making OnBase documents available from anywhere.

16. Automate invoice capture.

REQUORDIT has been automating Accounts Payable solutions for over two decades and it remains one of our most powerful solutions. From eliminating manual invoice entry with CloudOCR, to streamlining exception handling and outreach with workflow, to automating 3 way match we have a plethora of tools and strategies to make AP automation work for your business.

17. Employ dynamic approval routing.

Who needs to approve this next? No human should be asking that question when we can allow systems like OnBase to ask these questions for us. Whether it is simply routing time off requests to department managers or routing to one or many approvers based on invoice dollar amount OnBase can use the document data to take the wheel when it comes to ball-in-court.

18. Easily collaborate with internal and external parties.

Rapidly build an integrated portal for external users. Use ShareBase, OnBase’s workflow integrated file sharing service, for automated external collaboration. Post Unity Forms on a public site. Utilize OnBase’s new Integrated Office Viewer for real-time collaboration of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. There are so many ways OnBase can spur collaboration!

19. Integrate crucial systems.

Did I mention OnBase is an integration hub? If there is data critical to determine the routing or status of a document in an OnBase workflow we can use our collection of integration tools to get real-time, accurate information from other systems and keep the process flowing.

20. Modernize mobile capabilities and enable remote workforce.

The new OnBase Mobile in EP5 now has complete feature parity with the legacy applications with the added benefit of no longer being tired to the old Mobile Broker licensing scheme. Use your normal OnBase licenses to grant mobile access and start to reap the benefit of a modern mobile application with retrieval, workflow, upload, and forms capability. 

Note: There is now a path for customers still actively using Mobile Broker solutions to upgrade to EP5 without switching to the new Mobile immediately. Contact your rep for more information.

21. Generate new applications that work for you.

OnBase’s rapid application builder tool can completely change the way that you think about buying software. You might be paying for a variety of SaaS applications or even older desktop applications that can be rebuilt and revamped inside of OnBase, saving your organization significant money and allowing levels of customization that no SaaS offering will provide.

22. Build a system to fit your process instead of fitting your process around a system.

At REQUORDIT our goal is to maximize the human potential of our customers through process automation and over the years we have found that there is no true one-size-fits all solution. You know your business. You know your process. We know this technology and by forming a partnership you will be amazed at what we can accomplish together.

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