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The Recipe for ECM Success

ECM is undoubtedly one of those solutions you must debate the benefit of doing all the integrations and work to achieve the final product. But a new era started a few years ago for us that I think will shock you. We have figured out a way to eliminate the work of integrations by moving the entire application into the ECM platform. We, the people and users of ECM, are redefining the space and it is very exciting. We are succeeding all over the place.

ECM is a great concept and platform that provides easy ways to centralize your content and automate processes. The recipe for success in the ECM space is the following:

  1. Store all records for compliance and record keeping in your ECM platform. If you do not commit to this as a guiding principal, you will be forever in the death spiral of deciding where the data should go.
  2. Hire good process consultants. Business analysts that are knowledgeable about ECM create fantastic advocates for the business and maximize the human capital involved with each solution, which is necessary to focus on the goals of the organization and not the technology.
  3. Deploy a robust ECM solution. Many people fail because they try to save money up front by buying a less expensive ECM solution. There is an entire industry focused on converting data out of these weaker systems to the top systems.  You might as well invest the money in the right system from the start.
  4. Commit to continuous improvement. Technology continuously evolves and so do the business practices and regulations we live by. Embrace the idea of always improving operations and client-facing services through technology.  The return on these investments has been proven for nearly 20 years.

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