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Using document management technology to automate the recruiting process

The world is changing quickly, with computer processes giving companies capablities they never had before. Instead of newspaper ads, jobs are advertised online to a much larger pool of candidates. With such a wide pool of qualified applicants, it only makes sense to start looking into automation in order to ensure that the best potential candidates are recruited.

Automated Recruiting

With so many people vying for one position, the job of sorting new applications will be labor intensive and time consuming. Document management technology provides a way for new applications to be captured online, sorted, stored and routed to the appropriate hiring team. Applications which do not meet minimal requirements for a particular position can quickly be stored for later searches.
A computer program can even help build the job description which is most likely to bring the interest of the right kind of candidates. Specific words can be part of an algorithm which searches for certain kinds of skills and experience. Once a pool of applicants is chosen, an automated process can call or email the chosen individuals to set up interviews or ask for more information.

Automating the hiring process will bring about

  • consistency, as predetermined criteria are chosen and subjectivity becomes less of an issue;
  • less overall work for the managers, as the program handles at least the initial screening;
  • and high quality tracking and documentation, as the files are then stored so they can be accessed.

Automated Onboarding

Onboarding is integral to the success of new employees, helping them acquire the necessary knowledge and culture to function and fit in with the new work environment. When onboarding is automated, new employees can immediately see what the process is going to look like.

Using a paperless system, automated onboarding gives new hires a clear picture of what is expected and a centralized location where they can look for answers. They can easily keep track of their own progress, and supervisors can also track their progress.

When onboarding is a positive experience, new employees will have a more positive attitude, with a better appreciation of their positions and the company they now work for. By automating onboarding, a company can reduce costs and save time by streamlining the process. Employee retention wil be higher, and the company will see a greater return on investment after recruiting and training their employees.

Automating HR  processes will prove profitable in the long run.Requordit will work with you throughout the automation process. Contact us at 312-332-9200 to learn how HR automation works and how it could kick-start your digital transformation process.

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