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HR Automation

Is your HRIS providing? from applicant correspondence and resumes to tax forms and employee contracts – that these systems can’t effectively manage. This leaves your HR staff without easy access to all the information required to make decisions, manage processes.
What if you could complete the picture?

Take advantage of document management and workflow automation to meet all your human resources needs so your company can compete in the digital age.

Does Your Employee Lifecycle
Management Need an Upgrade?

Are you’re plagued with mounds of paper and overstuffed filing cabinets? Or maybe you need to streamline employee onboarding and certification tracking? Perhaps you’re interested in eliminating data entry?

Document management software and workflow automation meets all of these needs and can evolve as your company grows so you can compete in the digital age.

OnBase HR Automation

Maximize your employee’s administrative capabilities with OnBase. Kickstart HR approval, access info, and complete admin. tasks with greater efficiency! Begin by unlocking the key solutions that you need today. Electronically store and recover important documents and enable department-wide implementation. Once the optimization process begins, you can duplicate your new OnBase solutions across other mission-critical procedures such as policy sign-offs, procedure sign-offs, and new talent onboarding.

Benefits of Proper Human Capital Management

OnBase is an integrative solution that works well with existing human capital systems of management. This makes it possible for HR professionals to obtain employee information without having to train to use unfamiliar systems.

Enhanced Employee Relations Software
Empower case management with enhanced grievance tracking and incident reporting while minimizing liability risks.

Streamlined Recruiting
Capture, store and route applicant files quickly, giving recruiters the freedom to transcend paper-based processes and rapidly pin down the best candidates.

Employee Onboarding
Ensure tasks are properly documented on time with full and intuitive onboarding process visibility.

Employee File Management
Give your human resources staff the convenience of a single storage point for employee files for instant availability on demand. Each employee file allows OnBase users to identify missing documents and automate the retention of key documents, easing the strain of maintaining compliance with standards, regulations, and best practices.

Ready to automate your HR processes ? Let’s get started.

HR Document Management Articles

hr document management

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Cloud-based contract management helps streamline the processes involved in managing contracts and help minimize supply chain risks.

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Using document management technology to automate the recruiting process

Document management technology provides a way for new applications to be captured online, sorted, stored and routed to the appropriate hiring team.

Requordit Industry Solutions

More Than 20 Years of Industry Expertise

construction document management

The world’s best general contractors, heavy highway and construction corporations rely on Requordit and OnBase to automate and optimize four major processes.

government record management

City clerks, justice departments, state agencies, police departments municipalities and more are revolutionize their business processes with document management and automation.

energy management software
Energy & Utilities

We enable utility providers, energy firms and oil and gas providers to meet the needs of each department, including: AP, finance, human resources and legal.

manufacturing document management
Manufacturing & Distribution

We help manufacturers and distributes to meet the obligations of each department – including Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Legal – with one easily supported application.

What’s OnBase?
The Foundation of the Connected Workplace

OnBase is the world’s leading point-and-click configurable ECM solution. It automates your processes, manages your important business content in one secure location and works with your other applications to deliver your information whenever – and wherever – you need it.

Hyland OnBase

One Platform, Unlimited Potential

Transform your organization by managing your content, processes and cases on a single platform.

More Than Documents

OnBase provides business process management, records management and capture all on a single database, code base and content repository.

Endless Benefits

Make your organization more agile and productive while reducing operating costs and minimizing risk.

Swift Turnaround, Proven Methodology,
Best-in-Class Project Management

Strategic Planning

After a collaborative exploration of your business challenges and needs, we strategize innovative solutions stemming from more than 20 years of industry-specific experience to develop the right mix of solutions to meet your long-term needs.

Solution Implementation

Your team of developers, led by your point-of-contact project manager develop a project roadmap that provides a complete view of responsibilities, follow ups and more to quickly and efficiently deliver the solution on time.

Quality Assurance Testing

After development, the solution goes through a rigorous quality assurance and testing process to assure the software performs as requested.

User Training

Your training plan ensures that not only does the solution meet your organization’s needs, but that it is properly used across your workforce.

Discover why Requordit is the ideal digital transformation partner.