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5 HR processes any business should automate

More often, the human resource department is responsible for a plethora of labor and time-consuming tasks. These mundane tasks take the focus off strategic HR tasks that could further benefit the company. Technology has enabled the automation of such functions to streamline processes and improve on the company’s efficiency.

We discuss the top five HR processes that any small or large business should consider automating:

Recruitment and onboarding processes

The HR department could link a job posting to your website. The system could then capture and store all applications in a central location. Filter applications according to set specifications.

Prioritize promising candidates and the other applications stored for future use. This method provides you with a steady list of adept recruits whenever a position falls vacant. Once selected, the system sends the forms automatically to the recruits.
Automating the recruitment process helps you reply to each applicant and keep them updated on the recruitment and subsequent onboarding process.

Employee file management

Keeping employee records for a small company might not be a huge responsibility, but as the company grows, it could become a full-time responsibility. The keeping of documents such as employee contracts, benefits, and work permits could be automated thus minimizing the chances of human errors and the need for human labor.

Performance and appraisal processes

An essential function of the HR department is the evaluation of employees’ performance. Automating these processes will help you identify any systematic issues and mitigate them.

Moreover, you could obtain such information in real-time and make an informed decision.

Leave requests and holidays

Keeping track of the different times each employee will take his or her time-off could be confusing and time-consuming, especially if they are a significant number. Automating leave requests will help the employees get approvals faster, while at the same time the leave records are instantly updated. The HR staff will only need to be involved in the approval process in exceptional circumstances.


The multiple documents and company assets that are sent over once an employee resigns makes the offboarding process quite taxing. Automating the process makes it easy to collect data such as pending leave days, and so on. Automation helps keep a digital record of the data should legal problems arise from a disgruntled employee.

Automating HR tasks and processes will prove profitable in the long run. It will be possible to receive real-time feedback on the processes which is vital in improving the institution’s overall productivity. Requordit will work with you throughout the automation process. Contact us at 312-332-9200 to learn how HR automation works and how it could kick-start your digital transformation process.

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